Jalen Milroe Breaks Another Bama Record

November 13, 2023

Athlete Studio

On Saturday, Jalen Milroe delivered a jaw-dropping performance, scoring six touchdowns and amassing an impressive 270 total yards in the Crimson Tide's dominant 49-21 victory over Kentucky at Kroger Field. This remarkable achievement makes Milroe the first player in Alabama history to record three passing touchdowns and three rushing touchdowns in a single game.

Just last week, Milroe made history once again by becoming the first Alabama quarterback to score four rushing touchdowns in a single game, leading his team to a 42-28 win over LSU. With eight consecutive wins under his belt, Milroe has propelled Alabama to a 9-1 overall record, a flawless 7-0 mark in SEC play, and a secured spot in the upcoming SEC Championship game on December 2 in Atlanta.

Alabama coach Nick Saban expressed his admiration for Milroe's growing confidence, stating, “I think his confidence is growing,” Alabama coach Nick Saban said afterward, “and the confidence of the players around him has grown. Our production and performance has mirrored that confidence … he played extremely well.” Milroe's development has been an indispensable factor in Alabama's rise from a 2-1 team that seemed lost in September to their current status as national title contenders.

With an impressive total of 2,610 yards of offense and 28 touchdowns to his name, Milroe has truly emerged as the engine driving Alabama's offense. In the last two weeks alone, he has showcased his skills with a staggering 656 total yards and 10 touchdowns against formidable opponents like LSU and Kentucky.

Despite his remarkable performances, Milroe humbly acknowledges that he is far from a finished product, stating, “I’m nowhere near a finished product,” Milroe said Saturday. “I’ve got a lot of stuff I’ve got to fix.” This determination to continuously improve is a testament to his dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence.

From the beginning of the season, when Milroe was just one of three contenders for the starting quarterback position, to his current position as a vocal leader and one of college football's most dangerous weapons, his growth has been undeniable. Ranked eighth in the nation for passer rating, Milroe's willingness to utilize his running abilities has set him apart.

Alabama's offense has thrived under Milroe's leadership, with an average of 475.5 yards and 45.5 points per game in the past two weeks, compared to 366.6 yards and 30.6 points per game before the bye week. This upward trajectory is a testament to Milroe's adaptability as a player.

His versatility, coupled with his coachability, has allowed him to shine in different ways throughout the season. Whether it's his efficiency against Mississippi State, his big pass plays against Texas A&M, or his dynamic running abilities against LSU, Milroe consistently finds ways to deliver for his team.

While other quarterbacks may receive the accolades and awards, Milroe has something even more valuable: the unwavering belief from legendary coach Nick Saban, the trust of his talented teammates, and the adoration of Alabama's passionate fan base.

As Milroe continues to improve week after week, he remains focused on the bigger goals that lie ahead. With a national title within reach, he understands that individual awards pale in comparison to the ultimate team achievement.

So, while the Heisman Trophy may not be in his sights, Milroe's eyes are firmly set on leading Alabama to a national championship. And with his remarkable skills, unwavering determination, and the support of his team, anything is possible for this extraordinary athlete.

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