Jalen Milroe Shares Advice With Incoming QB

December 21, 2023

Athlete Studio

The Alabama Crimson Tide's star quarterback, Jalen Milroe, understands the challenges faced by new recruit Julian Sayin. Sayin, a highly-touted five-star quarterback commit for Alabama, has recently joined the team for their Rose Bowl preparations against Michigan. Although unable to play in the postseason, Sayin is making the most of his time on campus by attending practices and familiarizing himself with the college football environment.

Drawing from his own experience as a freshman transitioning from high school football to college, Jalen Milroe has taken it upon himself to assist Sayin in this crucial phase of his career. Milroe recognizes the importance of sharing valuable insights and knowledge that he has gained over the years. He aims to be a guiding presence for Sayin, helping him absorb information like a sponge and become a better teammate.

Julian Sayin is undoubtedly a player burdened with high expectations. As the fifth-ranked prospect nationwide and a five-star recruit for the class of 2024, according to the esteemed On3 Industry rankings, Sayin's potential is immense. However, given Milroe's return for the 2024 season, it is unlikely that Sayin will see significant playing time as a freshman. Nonetheless, Milroe is determined to do everything within his power to set Sayin up for success at the collegiate level.

Reflecting on Sayin's abilities, Milroe commends his teammate's exceptional ball-spinning skills and expresses gratitude for his presence in the quarterback room. Having another talented individual to collaborate with is invaluable for both personal growth and team dynamics. Milroe emphasizes that Sayin has been performing admirably in practice, further asserting his character as a good-natured individual.

As Alabama fans eagerly await the Rose Bowl clash against Michigan, there is an underlying sense of excitement surrounding the development and progress of Julian Sayin. Jalen Milroe's mentorship and support play an instrumental role in shaping Sayin's journey as he navigates the transition into college football. With Milroe's guidance and Sayin's potential, the future looks promising for the Crimson Tide.

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