Jalen Milroe: Michigan's Biggest Threat Yet

December 13, 2023

Athlete Studio

The upcoming Rose Bowl presents a formidable challenge for No. 1 Michigan (13-0) as they prepare to clash with No. 4 Alabama (12-1). Central to this challenge is the task of containing Alabama quarterback Jalen Milroe, who stands out as the most explosive quarterback Michigan has encountered this season.

Milroe's impressive season statistics underscore his dynamic playmaking ability. Having completed 65 percent of his passes for 2,718 yards and 23 touchdowns with six interceptions, he poses a multifaceted threat. Notably, Milroe's running prowess adds an extra layer of complexity for Michigan, as he accumulated 468 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns on the ground.

Recent heroic performances by Milroe have elevated Alabama's standing, with a significant victory over then No. 1 Georgia in the SEC Championship Game. Despite a modest completion rate of 56.5 percent, Milroe's strategic plays, including two passing touchdowns in the second quarter, propelled Alabama from a 7-3 deficit to a 17-7 lead. Notably, his 30-yard run on the final possession solidified their triumph at 27-24.

While Milroe's game exhibits elements of unpredictability, his lightning-in-a-bottle potential remains a constant threat. A pivotal moment in November against Auburn showcased his ability to deliver under pressure. Trailing 24-20 with 43 seconds left, facing a 4th and Goal from the 31-yard line, Milroe orchestrated a touchdown pass to Isaiah Bond, securing a 27-24 victory for Alabama.

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh lauded Milroe's elite performance, noting marked improvement throughout the season and emphasizing his pivotal role in Alabama's success. Harbaugh commended Milroe's timing, decision-making, and his adept execution within the team's system. Despite finishing sixth in the Heisman voting, Milroe showcased his prowess by outclassing Heisman-winning LSU QB Jayden Daniels in November, amassing 219 passing yards, 155 rushing yards, and an impressive four rushing scores.

In ESPN's Total QBR metric, Milroe emerges as the second-highest rated quarterback Michigan has faced, further emphasizing the formidable challenge awaiting the Wolverines in the Rose Bowl.

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