Jalen Milroe NIL Valuation Grows

November 20, 2023

Athlete Studio

Jalen Milroe put together an incredible performance last week at Kentucky, scoring six touchdowns and leading Alabama to a dominating victory. His exceptional display not only secured the win but also etched his name alongside Alabama greats Tua Tagovailoa and Bryce Young as the only players in Crimson Tide history to achieve this feat.

Despite his outstanding success, Milroe remains unsatisfied. In his postgame press conference following the 49-21 triumph in Lexington, he expressed frustration with his own performance, showing a relentless desire to continue growing as a player.

This drive for improvement can be traced back to September when Milroe was benched for the Tide's game against South Florida. Alabama coach Nick Saban opted to start Tyler Buchner instead, seeking a change after a disappointing loss to Texas. Although Milroe reclaimed the starting position before SEC play, the experience left a lasting impact on him, fueling his determination to never find himself in that situation again.

Week after week, Milroe has matured and showcased his talent, propelling Alabama back into the College Football Playoff conversation. The team currently holds the seventh spot in the latest rankings, released on Tuesday night.

As Milroe has flourished in his role as the starting quarterback, his On3 NIL Valuation has skyrocketed. After the USF game, his valuation dropped by 11% to $206,000. However, it quickly rebounded, mirroring his remarkable on-field performance. Milroe's valuation now stands at an impressive $1.2 million, marking a staggering 410% growth over the past 10 weeks and a $345,000 increase following the victory over Kentucky.

With his remarkable achievements, Jalen Milroe is among an elite group of only 19 college football players with a seven-figure valuation. Ranked at No. 16 in the On3 NIL 100, the first and foremost NIL ranking of high school and college athletes, Milroe's marketability is undeniable.

As his stardom on the field has risen, so has Milroe's social media following. Within the past year, he has more than doubled his total number of followers, now boasting an impressive count of over 140,000.

This surge in popularity has attracted the attention of numerous brands seeking to associate themselves with Milroe. In August 2022, he signed a multi-year endorsement deal with Rhoback, solidifying his status as an influential figure. Additionally, he was selected as one of 15 players for Beats by Dre's inaugural "Beats Elite" class prior to this season.

Despite facing formidable challenges ahead, Alabama still maintains a realistic chance of making it to the College Football Playoff. If they can secure wins in their next two games and emerge victorious against Georgia in the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta, a coveted playoff berth could be within their grasp.

"You can see it week by week," remarked offensive lineman Tyler Booker, acknowledging Milroe's growth. "Jalen's getting better at something different each week. One notable improvement is his ability to step up in the pocket and move around. As a team, we are steadily improving, but Jalen's progress is truly remarkable. When you have a quarterback performing at such a high level, the entire team benefits."

If Milroe chooses to return for another season, he will undoubtedly be one of the most marketable names in college football, further solidifying his status as a rising star.

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