Jalen Milroe Preps for a Tough Matchup

October 26, 2023

Athlete Studio

Alabama quarterback Jalen Milroe has been instrumental in the Crimson Tide's recent success, leading the team to six consecutive wins after a tough loss to Texas in Week 2. As the team gears up for their next challenge, Milroe took the time to share his thoughts on what it will take to defeat LSU.

“It’s going to take a lot of preparation throughout the week,” Milroe said. “It’s going to take us coming together as a whole team, whether the offense, defense, special teams. All of our key elements of the game are going to have to factor into our performance. I think that’s — we have to acknowledge we’re playing a tough opponent. And then, getting together with the coaching staff, trying to grasp as much information from them. It’s going to be a good opponent and the good thing about it, is it’s at the crib. Looking forward to that game.”

Alabama and LSU have had an intense rivalry in recent years, with the teams splitting their last four matchups dating back to 2019. However, prior to that, the Crimson Tide had a dominant run, winning eight straight games dating back to the 2012 BCS Championship.

Since 2007, when Nick Saban took over as head coach of Alabama, the Crimson Tide and Tigers have mostly dominated the SEC West Division, winning all but three division titles. With the exception of those three seasons when Auburn was victorious, the winner of the annual Alabama-LSU game often emerged as the division champion.

Although Milroe has not yet faced LSU in his career, he has been impressive on the field this year. He has completed 99 of 153 passes for 1,617 yards, throwing 13 touchdowns and only five interceptions.

During his interview on the SEC Network, Milroe also discussed how Saban's approach has changed this season and how it has contributed to the team's success.

“He’s instilled his confidence into us,” Milroe said. ”With all the team meetings he had, one-on-ones he had with players, he has great confidence in all of us. Also, what he does well is he gets everybody on the same page as far as his messages. And then motivating everybody to acknowledge that we have short-term goals and long-term goals we all want to accomplish here."

As Alabama prepares to face LSU, Milroe's insights and Saban's guidance will undoubtedly play a crucial role in their pursuit of victory. With their strong team dynamic and determination, the Crimson Tide is poised to continue their winning streak and leave a lasting impact on the rest of the season.

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