QB Legend Gives High Praise to Jalen Milroe

September 12, 2023

Athlete Studio

Tim Tebow, a legendary quarterback in the SEC, achieved remarkable success during his time at Florida from 2006-2009. With a Heisman trophy and two national championships under his belt, Tebow's prowess on the field was undeniable.

What set Tebow apart was his unique style of play. Unlike the conventional dropback quarterbacks, he brought a combination of strong leadership, a high football IQ, and the ability to bulldoze through any defense. It's safe to say that Tebow left a lasting impact on the game.

Having committed to Florida over Alabama back in 2006, Tebow is no stranger to the Crimson Tide's football program. Now, he finds himself eagerly watching as Jalen Milroe, Alabama's starting quarterback, prepares for the biggest start of his football career against No. 11 Texas.

Similar to Tebow, Milroe possesses an extraordinary talent in the running game and much more. Tebow expressed his admiration for Milroe's performance against Middle Tennessee, emphasizing the immense pressure that comes with being the quarterback at a prestigious school like Alabama.

"I really loved his performance [against Middle Tennessee]," Tebow said. "When you're the quarterback at a school like this, there's a lot of pressure. And you're coming behind one of the better ones to ever do it here. Just handling that pressure was such a good first step. The way he was able to step in the first couple of drives, be cool under pressure, a couple of bad snaps, handle them, make plays. He wasn't trying to run first — but when it was an opportunity, he played within the pocket and then used his athleticism. I thought he showed that he could really throw with accuracy down the field."

Tebow acknowledges Milroe's exceptional athleticism, which he observed right from the beginning when Milroe first stepped foot on campus. He believes that Milroe has tremendous potential and is excited to see him face the challenge of playing against a formidable opponent like Texas.

"He's someone that's so God-gifted and is so athletic — and I've seen that from Day One when he walked on campus. You're like, 'Dang, this dude's a monster.' And I just think that he's got so much upside. What a test Week 2, right? I really believe Texas is a top-10 team. You look at them at the line of scrimmage, you look at all their recruits they've brought in, you look at the transfers, you look at [Sarkisian] and what they're doing with Quinn [Ewers] — I think Quinn is one of the best quarterbacks in the country. It's a really good test for 'Bama [in] Week 2. It'll be a good one."

As Alabama gears up to face Texas in Week 2, Tebow sees it as a significant test for the Crimson Tide. He acknowledges Texas as a top-10 team with impressive talent and coaching staff. Tebow highlights the challenge posed by Texas' quarterback, Quinn Ewers, whom he considers one of the best in the nation.

Jalen Milroe, with his incredible running ability and accurate throwing, will be at the center of this highly anticipated matchup. The spotlight is on him as he steps into this crucial game, carrying the weight of expectations and the hopes of the Alabama faithful.

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